BUI Project Part 1

Updated: 3/7/2021
BUI Project Part 1

Storyboard Text

  • Before Bed Time...
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  • Hey Mom! I heard in a add to donate to the Mississauga Food bank. what is the Mississauga food bank?
  • Hi honey! The Mississauga food bank is where you can donate to people who are in need of food.
  • That's so cool! Why should we donate to the Mississauga food bank?
  • We should donate to the Mississauga Food Bank because it will really help lots of people in need of food.
  • I get it now! How can we help the Mississauga Food Bank? I want to be apart of this amazing institution.
  • Ok! Let's do that tomorrow!
  • That's great, honey! Well, we can help by donating food or money to the food bank.