The egyptian story
Updated: 6/10/2020
The egyptian story
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  • Hello Osiris now I am too old to rule over Eygpt so I thought I would give you a chance to rule
  • Ok, I will try my best
  • I'm fed up with everyone liking Osiris better than me
  • Hey i'm Osiris back up everyone loves me
  • This is going really well so far
  • The god Ra was too old to be the ruler over eygpt so he decided to give the rule to Osiris .
  • But Osiris had a brother called Set and he was not happy that everyone liked Osiris better than him.
  • Hmmm....where is he ??
  • So he hosted a party and invited all his friends and he also invited Osiris !
  • Why,Why would you ever ever dream to do anything like this as your punishment you will be the god of the dead forever
  • But Osiris had a plan she didn't want him ruining her rule for her she had worked SO hard to be the ruler she couldn't let anyone stop her. So she had a plan she put Set in a box and put him and the box in the river. Set had no idea what was about to happen.
  • He had been missing for 1 night and Isis (Set's sister) wasn't a mean sister so she went to look for him. He was finally found in his box at the palace of the kings . He was found dead with his body cut into pieces!
  • Ra new what tragedy had happened and tried to fix it but it was no use he was in the afterlife forever.Ra's punishment to Osiris was making her the god of the dead!
  • I guess I am bad so I am now the god of the dead
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