Final KYC - use this
Updated: 3/12/2020
Final KYC - use this

Storyboard Text

  • Hi Lucy, I will like to buy a $200,000 single premium Life policy.
  • Sure Mr Lim! I will need to obtain your personal details and complete the fact find form.
  • Let’s do the fact find later. Can I don’t give all my information to you? May I know what’s the value of the policy if I surrender it immediately after I purchase it?
  • I'm sorry. We need to complete all necessary documentations first before we can proceed.
  • Don't worry, i am a good person. I am just very interested in your insurance product and will like to get a policy now.
  • This person looks suspicious. He is trying to evade the KYC requirements. I must be wary and escalate to my supervisor and Compliance.