Updated: 5/26/2020

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  • It was time to go home, so Cathy’s dad can meet with the twin, but before that,they called him.
  • Hi dad! Mum and me found my twin! I'm very happy and I want you to meet her. We thought about she could spend the summer with us, in Cornwall.What do you think?
  • That's fantastic but, do her parents agree?
  • Well! I'm exited to meet her!
  • Yes, they do. Even we are at the airport!
  • Bye Cathy, see you soon.
  • Well, I'm taking the plane in 1 hour. Bye!
  • The three girls were waiting for the plane, when a group of three kidnapped them because a crazy scientific wanted to experiment with some twins
  • Wait! Who are you and why are you here!
  • We are't going to explain nothing!
  • I'm very scared. I don't want to die!
  • You aren't going to die girl, we only need twins.
  • If you only need twins, why you kidnapped my mum! She was nothing to do here!
  • Shut up! Boys, let's take them to the laboratory.