The Scarlet Letter
Updated: 12/19/2019
The Scarlet Letter
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  • One time, a hot honey named Hester Prynn was caught and charged with adultery and now has to wear a red "A" on her chest. She then spots her hubby in the crowd that she thought was dead. That fool gets heated and demand to see who the baby daddy is.
  • The husband then goes around town claiming to be a Doctor Chillingworth to see who been gang banging and slanging with his wife. He finds that Dimsdale is getting ill and suspects he is the one that be raw doggin his wife. Soon he sees a giant red "A" cut into his chest.
  • During one of Dimsdale's services, he sees Hester and Pearl and confesses that he's the baby daddy. Then he crumbles up and dies like a hoe. Since Hester's husband has nothing else better to do he also dies like a hoe.
  • Years later out in the boonies, Hester builds rep on the streets for herself as a respectable woman. She gained this rep by giving advice to other woman.
  • When Hester dies, she's buried next to Dimesdale with a big ass "A" on their tombstone.
  • Every blood knows that the "A" on Hester's chest stands for adultery, but it also stands for many other things. When she starts helping the needy in the community, people think the "A" stands for able or when a comet flew through the sky, people thought it meant angel. Hester didn't let no "A" put her down in a community of "pure" followers of God.
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