GArlows project

Updated: 6/19/2020
GArlows project

Storyboard Text

  • Ordinary World
  • Call to Adventure
  • Refusal of the Call
  • Martin Luther King Jr seeing all african americans being enslaved and tortured on the daily.
  • Meeting the Mentor
  • Martin luther King jr was tired of seeing his people in pain constantly and being used like objects.
  • Crossing the Threshold
  • Martin Luther King Jr knows the consequences that he will face. He might get killed or beaten. He doesn't want to experience that pain.
  • Tests, Allies, and Enemies
  • Martin Luther King Jr doesn't meet anybody, or an object, but sees the pain. The pain is strong, something nobody would want to experience.
  • Martin Luther King speaks up about the problem. Although, it doesn't work out the way he wants it to.
  • Martin Luther King Jr gets beat up constantly and whipped. The pain that he wants to stop his people from facing doesn't stop.