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Updated: 12/16/2020
Unknown Story

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  • easy I just hit it with a lot of force in the direction I want it to go.
  • Hey how did you hit that ball so far.
  • hm what is force and how does it effect the speed of the ball.
  • um good question force does not only affect the speed but velocity.
  • it all depends were you hit the ball velocity is the dircetion of the bal
  • ok
  • hey lets go with Pedro he will help teach you about it.
  • oh that is a good question velocity is the direction of which the object is moving and it all depends on were a force is being exerted
  • What is a velocity and force
  • well elocity changes depending on where you exert the force or in other words hit it.
  • so how does an object changes its velocity.
  • your welcome bye
  • thank you bye
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