Updated: 1/14/2021

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homework 1

Storyboard Text

  • it was a normal day before interamerican school´s intramural began everybody was talking about it.
  • hey jose, I have always told you I dont like the idea of you to be a conoeist because there too many risks
  • but please mom our school´s intramural activity is coming soon!
  • today in the school news:The sport´s Tr. was decreeing a law that every boy and girl who wanted to be in the intramural must perforate his/her shirt with his school number.
  • So today monday of 2025 we can inaugurate our second intramural!!
  • Here we have our winners:José as a swimmer, Elena as a basketball player and Enrique as a football player!,
  • Ohh are you ok? Come with me I’ll clean it so that there won’t be germs transmission.
  • Si you felt down right? We are going to put an intravenous so that it won’t heart anymore