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Updated: 7/8/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Total/Physical wellness and setting goals
  • Health and Fitness and choosing activities
  • Lifestyle guidelines and nutrition
  • total wellness is where you're in a mental, social ,and physical state which means these things you all need to be healthy in all the time they are very important and should always be healthy. That's why setting goals for yourself is good it re insures you and you can set a goal on total wellness but setting goals is very important you should always be striving for success for your goal. Setting and accomplishing your goals will make you more successful in life and makes you more responsible and disciplined. With that you can put your goals to where you can have total wellness and be healthy because without total wellness it would be hard for you to be doing the things you usually do it applies to everything like your physical wellness because if you're not physically healthy it will come to get you later in your life.
  • You should always try to be healthy from exercising and activities to eating you should always be eating healthy all the time try to always make healthy choices try eating one healthy thing at least and with that you should do some sort of daily activity of exercising. Choosing an activity might be hard sometimes because not all interest you and that's fine when choosing an activity you should see what seems fun to you and good at always try to see what you like. But you also need to do these everyday because its keeping your body in shape and healthy to be healthy you need some activity in your daily routine and if not you should really consider it because it will help you be healthy and stay in shape for your activity.
  • Your lifestyle should always be healthy all the time by exercising and eating the right food s your body needs. This lifestyle is important because we all need to be healthy its lowers so many things that are good like chance of getting a heart attack or diabetes and things like that. Your body always need stuff like protein, carbs, fats, etc those things are very needed they help your body. You should also do meal preps because it can help you keep track of all the nutrition you need but you should always strive to eat healthy everyday but also you can eat the stuff you crave but not often just a little some days.
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