The Rise of my SIster
Updated: 2/1/2020
The Rise of my SIster
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  • Your wife is in room 226 to the right.
  • 226 to the right thanks.
  • It was 5:00 in the morning and I was still asleep until my dad woke me up and yelled,'' Wake up son we have to go to the hospital to see you mother.'' I was so tired I forgot she was at the hospital, so I got up brushed my teeth, washed my face and went straight to the car.
  • When we left the house I was tired but my dad had said if I was tired I could just sleep once we get there. I asked my dad,''What's wrong with mom?'' he replied,''Well son, your mother is have a little baby.'' and I was happy because I wasn't going to be an only child!
  • How is she doc?
  • She's gonna be alright man, she is just recovering from all the medicine we provided her
  • We had arrived at the hospital around 6:30 my dad was rushing me telling me to hurry up so we can see my mom. I hurried and I was a little bit nervous to see my mom in a hospital bed because bad things happened in a hospital bed that I know of, and was in room 226.
  • Don't worry mom everything is going to be okay, I promise.
  • We walked to past 25 doors and I told my dad,'' Is mom gonna be okay?'' but he had told me,'' Yes, she is going to be okay because she is strong!'' My dad had a weird scent on his face and it bugged me.
  • As I enter the room I see my mom on the bed and my dad tells me to go and sit down while he talks to the doctor. My mom looked beautiful before but her skin was pretty pale and I was getting scared.
  • The doctor had left the room and my dad was hungry so he went downstairs to the cafe. My mom started crying and I held her hand and said,''Mom it's going to be alright okay, me and dad are going to be with you the whole way.''
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