bullying comic strip
Updated: 12/6/2020
bullying comic strip

Storyboard Text

  • umm r they talking abt me and my outfits omh how rude
  • and dont you dare tell anyone or elsee you knoww......
  • also isnt her name jane or sth what a cringe name
  • yk dat girl shes always wearing so ugly and ridiculous outfits ewww!
  • omg i srsly hate u
  • she was ignoring them but after a few days:
  • dont tell anyone this or elseeee....
  • so dumb lmao
  • girl ewww change ur outfit
  • omg lets not talk to her now and bully her on instagram it will be so fun and we will thretaen her to not tell anyone
  • yaaa dont u dareee!!!!
  • omg i told u to change ur outfit and u still havnt eww what a bad style
  • they keep on sending me bad ans mean messages on social media and r threatening me and now it was too much whatever happens happens i feel really bad and i told you
  • ok dont worry about the ppl hating on you there r alot of ppl who love and support u and thank you so much for telling me about this thing it was a rly good job of u ill send someone to get them now and we need to have a chat they wont hurt you now everything will be fine. the teacher:
  • were rly very sorry we promise we will never do this again