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Updated: 3/17/2020
history work

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  • The black death arrived at a small devon port in Malcombe Regis in august of 1348.
  • Villages were full of rats because sewers were open to the public and rats could go from sewers straight into people's houses giving them the black death. Sanitation levels were low so people kept dying. people had public toilets that a few families had to share. the air was filthy and the area where people had toilets really stank since the sewers were open and the toilets were shared. The water from the toilets came out of the toilets and onto the streets and into the open sewers creating an unfamiliar smell to rise in the air creating more rumors about the reason the black death was there torturing their lives.
  • Not only poor people got the black death also rich had it. Even the wealthy weren't immune. They spent a lot of money on food even though they didn't have a cure. the black death was an unbelievable experience which peasants and rich peoplealso had to go through it. nothing like the black death had ever happened in England before so people were really confused and didn't know what to do as their medical knowledge was not enough and the population kept decreasing they were left with no choice but to throw all infected people in a big hole dug in the ground and leave them there. they had no special way/order they were burried in. some people had risky jobs like having to bury the ones who died of the black death people could get infected from the dead bodies and could
  • Doctors believed that some of the symptoms were:abdominal pain, diarrhea, extreme weakness, nausea, and vomiting. people believed that there were cures to the black death but all the cures that they stated were not helpful and didn't work.
  • Doctors also believed that the cures for the black death were to: rub onions,herbs and chopped up snakes on the boils, drinking vinegar and eating crushed minerals was also suggested.None of these cures worked as medical knowledge lacked in the medieval period.
  • None of the cures for the black death worked so the people plastered the houses witch people who had the black death lived in.No matter how old or young you were there was still a chance of you getting the black death. 40% of the population died because of it resulting in low population. in the end the reason half the population died not because of bad sanitation but because people had food shipped to their countries and those ships had lots of rats on them so the rats travelled into homes bit the people and they got the black death causing them to get boils all over their body and die.