Family therapy treatment for schizophrenia
Updated: 1/18/2021
Family therapy treatment for schizophrenia

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  • Family weekly meeting to solve problems on family and individual goals.
  • Communication Skills.....
  • Preliminary analysis: Through interviews and observation the therapist identifies strengths and weaknesses of family members and identifies problem behaviors.
  • Information transfer – teaching the patient and the family the actual facts about the illness, it’s causes, the influence of drug abuse, and the effect of stress and guilt.
  • Communication skills training – teach the family to listen, to express emotions and to discuss things. Additional communication skills are taught, such as “compromise and negotiation,” and “requesting a time out” . This is mainly aimed at lowering expressed emotion.
  • It helps family members achieve a balance between caring for the individual and maintaining their own lives, it reduces anger and guilt, it improves their ability to anticipate and solve problems and forms a therapeutic alliance.
  • Use of family intervention increases patients compliance with medication