March Book 2

March Book 2

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  • Eat well, everyone-- This may be our last supper
  • Here. Come and get my mattresses. I'll keep my soul.
  • ♫ Ain't gonna let no jail house, Lordy, turn me around...♫
  • We have chosen to highlight this scene because it marks the beginning of the freedom rides. The original thirteen freedom riders, including John Lewis, have gathered for dinner, the day before their first freedom ride. The significance of this scene, is referring to the dinner as the "last supper". This reference shows the extreme danger of going through with these freedom rides. Even with this risk of violence, however, the freedom riders persistency with their mission shows their true dedication towards the rights for African Americans. I have chosen to represent this scene by drawing some of the freedom riders gathered at dinner, with their leader saying the words, "Eat well, everyone--This may be our last supper." They all have sad but proud expressions on their face, knowing they are all portraying good citizenship, fighting for a cause they believe in. 
  • - We have chosen to highlight this scene because it was this freedom ride that clarified to the protesters the dangers of nonviolent protesting and how white supremacists are even willing to kill the freedom riders for their own benefit. This event encouraged more people to protest for equality. - John Lewis might have included this scene to inform the readers of one of the most violent and deadly events of the protest. This scene is significant because it shows how despite these violent encounters, the freedom riders continued to ride, risking their health and life for the equality of the people. - In this scene, one of two buses headed for Birmingham is shown. This bus was put into flames by white supremacists and was not able to make it to Birmingham. As the riders tried to evacuate the bus, people like the KKK attacked and beat them up.  - I chose to draw what I drew to visualize the scene as best as possible. The crowd of people in the back represent the white attackers who later abuse the protesters, who are the people who are running away from the bus. The bus contains the most detail. On top of the bus is an explosion demonstrating the fire that erupted in the bus. I also made the windows of the bus red with broken class to show the fire inside the bus . On the outside of the bus are luggages of the protesters and broken glass from the windows of the bus. - This scene does not portray good citizenship for the white supremacists because they are trying to kill their fellow citizens so that they can maintain their status in society. As for the protesters, it portrays good citizenship because they are protesting for the rights of the people and are even willing to risk their lives. 
  • - We have chosen to highlight this scene because it shows the determination of the protesters and how they were not willing to stop their protests just because of the arrests.  - John Lewis might have included this in his narrative to display the efforts of the protesters and what it took for them to reach their goal. This scene is significant because the protesters, without hesitation, agreed to give up their mattresses and even told the guards to take their mattresses to show them that their singing and protests will not be stopped. - Prior to this scene, the protesters were put to jail and continued to sing their songs. The guards, however, got annoyed and threatened to take the protesters' mattresses away if they didn't stop singing. Amused by this threat, the freedom riders gave their mattresses to the guards, refusing to be affected by threats.  - I chose to draw the background as a jail cell because that was where the scene took place. I also included both black and white protesters to show that it was not only blacks fighting for equality. They do not have facial hair because they were forced to shave it off. The two protesters are holding out their mattresses, offering them to the guards. The two text boxes shows how the freedom riders were willing to  give their mattresses without hesitation and continued to sing their songs.  - This portrays the topic of good trouble because the protesters are in jail as a punishment for trying to make society a better and more equal place. 
  • -We have chosen to highlight this scene because the young people marched on the street for their right. - John Lewis has included this in his narrative because black children marched for their right. Its significance is that there is no age section in the protest. - Background context of what was happening in this scene is discrimination against black people and black people protest for their right. -We have chosen to represent it in this particular manner because it shows children can protest for their future and there is not age section in the protest. - It is good trouble because despite the children marched for their right, many dangerous situations happened to them, also they arrested. But protesting was not bad thing. So it is "good trouble".
  • We have chosen to highlight this scene because it shows how far the freedom riders have come. From a small organization, to meeting with the president of The United States, the freedom riders voice has surely become larger, making their movement more impactful. In this scene, John Lewis, including others like MLKJ, have been called to a meeting with president Kennedy, to discuss the matter of The Civil Rights Act, and the march on Washington D.C. It's significance is simply how far the freedom riders have come, now being able to truly make a difference. I have chosen to represent this scene by drawing the meeting with the president, John Lewis, MLKJ, and more, as they are discussing The Civil Rights Act and march on Washington D.C. 
  • - We have chosen to highlight this scene because this scene shows what protesters wanted through protest. - John Lewis included this in his narrative because this scene shows the part of his speech. Its significance is power of protest. it shows that as more people become involved in them, the protest power is stronger than before. - Background context of what was happening in this scene is people gathered in Washington D.C., listening to the speeches of civil right activists. - We have chosen to represent it in this particular manner by including a crowd of people gathered in Washington D.C. listening to the speech of John Lewis, who is standing in front of the building. -It shows good citizenship because protesters who marched on Washington wanted to make a new America, and a better America through protest. So it is good citizenship.
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