Updated: 1/24/2020
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  • Dill Comes to Macomb
  • Hi! I'm Dill.
  • School
  • What does this say?
  • The Fire and the Blanket
  • Man it's freezing.
  • A new kid comes to town named Dill. He becomes friends of Scout and Jem and they play all summer together. Dill was the one who got them wondering about Boo Radley and if he is alive or not.
  • Francis and Scout
  • Atticus is a "N***** Lover".
  • Scout has her first day of 1st grade. She gets punished by the teacher, Miss Caroline, by getting slapped by a ruler when she reads to the class and tries to tell her about Walter Cunningham. Miss Caroline tells Scout tell her dad to stop reading to her. She hates school.
  • Atticus and the Rabid Dog
  • "Dead Shot of Maycomb".
  • Miss Maudie's house catches fire and Atticus makes the kids stand over by the Radley's house away from it. They come back and they have a blanket on them and her father tells them Boo Radley put it on them because the whole town was out by the fire. Boo came out of the house to help Scout and Jem.
  • Mrs. Dubose
  • Once upon a time...
  • Scout and her family visit her family for Christmas at Finches Landing and Francis, Alexandra's grandson, and Scout get in a fight about Dill and Atticus ruining the family name. Scout fights Francis and gets in trouble but lies when asked what it was about.
  • Calpurnia sees a dog walking dizzily and not right and she automatically knows it has rabies. She warns everyone about it and to stay in their houses. The sheriff and Atticus come and need to shoot the dog. The sheriff wants Atticus to shoot the dog and he is hesitant but does it anyways. Jem and Scout are amazed and they didn't know he could shoot a gun like that. The sheriff called him the "Dead Shot of Maycomb".
  • Jem gets mad at Mrs. Dubose for calling Atticus a negro lover. He cuts up her flowers and gets punished by making him read to her for a month. He does that with Scout and she corrects him on reading and has her "fits". She sets the clock back everyday that he is supposed to leave. When she dies, she gives Jem flowers to remember her and his favor to her.
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