Updated: 5/26/2021

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  • welland you?
  • sure!
  • very good, are we going to school together?
  • hello, how are you?
  • yes of course.
  • see you at the exitto go together?
  • hello Jorge, wewere waiting for you.
  • we are making plans for after school, are youcoming?
  •  party pooper.
  • come on, it will be just a little while, we can goto video games and have a few beers.
  • hello, how are you? what do you need.
  • I don't know, I didn't ask for permission.
  • will be for the next one.
  • Jaime takes ?, but if he is very young, itwould be better not to tell him that I do not drink or he will laugh at me.
  •  take your place please.
  • Jorge! I'm here!
  • Yes, the teachers leave a lot of homework andI couldn't talk to you.
  • Have you already made friends? .
  •  a few, and you?
  • hello, finally see you.
  • No, you know I'm notvery sociable and I'm not very good at that, I start talking to some girls who look cool.
  • Yes, I hope so
  • diana?not. I want to introduce you to someone.
  • Jorge !, I waslooking for you! Let's go
  • good, little bylittle you will make friends 
  • where? I will havebreakfast with Diana. 
  • diana?not. I want to introduce you to someone.