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Updated: 11/28/2020
Storyboard ingles

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  • the entrance is quite wide.
  • Yes, So... do you want to go to the kitchen?
  • I have bad news for you, neither your mom nor your brother will be able to come because the car is not working. But let's go upstairs so you can see the other rooms.
  • I don´t have food, but I can have either Burritos or sushi
  • this is kitchen. I wish I hadn't bought this fridge is big and weight.
  • Yes, but in this case I have a field day because we have to pack and take all the bags for today
  • I´m hungry, do you have food in fridge?
  • Oh! you are right we should pack our things
  • Let´s go
  • do you have other restaurants?
  • Did you like your fourth child?
  • you have the reason, that happens when you skimp on piece of car but is cheap. let's go get your mom and brother
  • Sure, Dad, but we have to go get my brother and my mom
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