Realmente of ghosts
Updated: 3/2/2021
Realmente of ghosts

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  • Let´s go to the party of the popular guys, please, come on Curtis!!!! Is at Digigames
  • Why didn´t you tell me it was at Digigames?, Okey let´s go.
  • Troy wouldn´t plan a party at Digigame if Digigame was closed, think about it, Curtis. Duh
  • Wait, the lights are off at Digigames, it looks abandoned.
  • of course not, better help me open the door
  • It was a trick, it´s closed
  • No, at the end of the corridor next to the emergency exit there is a computer on
  • N N N N
  • There is nothing in this place just thrown chairs and computers without service.
  • N N N N
  • Junior we are going, NOW!!
  • if you can read this it's already too late
  • Hurry, why computers are glimpses?
  • look over there there is an emergency exit !!