Updated: 2/14/2020

Storyboard Text

  • do you know who joe is john brown?
  • ................
  • he is going to fall for it insn't he
  • i wonder who joe is?
  • who is joe?
  • JOE MAMA!!!!
  • while pedro tells john a question they start traveling through time and space. pedro ask john in a silly manner, "do you know who joe is" and after he ask this they teleport off there exotic animales.
  • john brown and pedro teleport through time, and while all this is happening john wonders who joe, is on his big furry polar bear.
  • after pedro screams "joe mama" john brown stikes pedro with a bony fist making him bleed in a pool of blood, then he dies and john marrys tita after all of this and live a happy life
  • after the fight tita helped john hide pedros body, and then the bought a new modern town home, as long as a big furry dog
  • but then shortly after that a bandit killed tita while she was walking back home from getting grocery to make her delicious and soft Christmas rolls.
  • after tita dies john brown lives life with the ghost of pedro haunting him till his death for letting tita go to the grocery store and his last talk with her was a fight, the end.