The Thief of Always

Updated: 5/19/2020
The Thief of Always

Storyboard Text

  • Talk to him. He's Listening. Can't you still see, he is the house!!
  • I know what you're doing! You're testing me!
  • I want food in the kitchen, Caviar, frog's legs, horseradish, Boston Cream and cheese, pastrami soup, pumpernickel stew, snail fudge.......
  • I want to talk to Hood. If I stay, will he give me what I want?
  • I will give it to you! But when you have it, your soul is mine!!!
  • Hood! You can give me what I want on your magic?Well, I lost my ark.I want the perfect little animals with flesh and blood..
  • Ok! It's a little miracle!
  • Next, I want flowers everywhere! I don't want two alike!
  • Ok! You must have fun at all cost..
  • I want all the seasons at once!
  • I did it! Hood is gone!