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My Life as a Water Molecule
Updated: 1/16/2020
My Life as a Water Molecule
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  • Hi my name is Isabel and im a water molecule. I was minding my own business and then some human came and picked me up and drank me. It was so traumatizing. Finally after a long time I finally came out and went flushing away to the ocean.
  • There I lie in the ocean surrounded by very mean and salty water molecules. All of them would not stop making fun of me for being a fresh water molecule. One day I was sitting there getting mocked and I thought that I was floating. I watched the ocean get farther and farther away as evaporating away to the cloud
  • The cloud was lit. Everyone was so high that we lost our minds. It was like a party everyone was taking dust shots. Then we heard a really loud sound an the cops showed up so everyone started running out of the cloud. I precipitated to the ground and went trough the ground and sneaked into an aquifer.
  • I heard from my friend Matt what happen in the cloud. apparently they didn't have their permit. Matt and I were just chillin in the aquifer making so jokes when this long root looking thing comes and slurps us up. Matt and I were freaking out. As we slowly to to the leaves.
  • Matt and I have been I this plant for a long time and I don't think we will ever get out so I'm going to end this story here. thanks for listening 
  • Just to make this presentation longer here is a picture of Leilani
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