module six assesment
Updated: 3/10/2020
module six assesment
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  • 911 How can I help you? ... You found body and you think she's dead?... Investigators are on their way!
  • The scene is secured so all evidence needs to be collected!
  • There's a lot of cast off blood on the wall and it looks like there's a fingerprint someone hand me a ten card!
  • There's a slight pulse she might make it!
  • We need to get a casting of this footprint pronto! It has great wear patterns!
  • I know what you went through was very traumatic but I do need you to tell me what you remember about what happened in the tunnel yesterday?
  • Thank you, your recollection will be invaluable to our investigation!
  • I was taking a shortcut home through the tunnel when a man grabbed me. He was probably 5'9, he was decently fit, with dark brown eyes and blonde hair.
  • He was dragging me trying to get me into his car when he heard someone coming and bashed my head with a pipe that was lying close by because he was scared I'd identify him.
  • (4th) I also want Mr. Stanley's shoes to be printed and I want his fingerprints ran against the prints at the crime scene.
  • (2nd) Ma'am we interviewed the witness and sketched the description of the man they saw fleeing the scene and we ran the vehicle description and got a match to a man named Stanley who has a prior kidnapping arrest.
  • (1st) I want to discuss the tip that came in last night and what all we've done to find who did this crime to this young innocent girl.
  • (3rd) I want Mr. Stanley brought in for questioning and I want the victim and witness shown a photo lineup to see if they can identify him.
  • Stanley's fingerprint was K, the one found at the crime scene was H, and his shoe prints were 9 and the ones found at the crime scene were 1.
  • (1ST) We send four fingerprints and four shoe impressions to be analyzed could you tell us the results?
  • (3rd) Thank you for telling us the results we'll need a copy of the report as well.
  • (2ND) I found that only two fingerprints matched the ones marked H and K and that there was one exact match for the shoe impressions for 1 and 9.
  • (5th) I will send a copy of the report. And one additional note it was very easy to identify the matching fingerprints because they both have a tented arch fingerprint and it was an exact match.
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