Dracula’s Brides 2
Updated: 4/1/2021
Dracula’s Brides 2

Storyboard Text

  • Left the crime scene
  • Being chased by people?
  • Taken Captive
  • After running out of the catacombs, you are now lost somewhere else in the castle, but you feel something following you.
  • Taken to the King
  • You are now being chased by a person? A monster? You don't know what they are, but they are in the disguise of looking like a human.
  • The Death
  • You are now taken captive by three beautiful women, but only you can see something wicked in their blood, red eyes, unfortunately, the side character is in love with them to see the monsters lurking behind their eyes.
  • Flip a Coin
  • The three women took you both into this throne room, but you see the dead body alive? He's still pale like milk, eyes red like rubies. Turns out he's the vampire king., Dracula.
  • The three brides of Dracula killed the side character, you ran away, doing Draculas servents in the castle, you make outside in the gardens.
  • But depending on the coin, do you live, or do you die and become the fourth bride of Dracula?