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Updated: 6/16/2020
Unknown Story

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  • First Win Of the season!!!
  • Did you see the new girl she's so weird.
  • Yeah she has no friends it a bit sad.
  • (I wish I looked like them)
  • Look it's the weird new kid watch out he looks scary.
  • It's the first day at the new school but every is talking about Tom the Gorilla because he stands out.
  • Don't sit here it's dangerous!!
  • Tom hears the girls talking about him and feels sad and he wants to fit in with everyone but he can't help that he is different
  • Watch out someone scary is coming.
  • Tom still has people talking and staring at him he feels sad but keeps going on with his day trying to make the best of it.
  • No one would sit next to Tom because he looks dangerous because he's different. Their also throwing stuff at him to bully Tom.
  • Tom had on where to sit at lunch so he went to the bathroom and ate all by himself. He felt sad and alone he couldn't wait to get home.
  • Tom went straight home and into bed after school he went top bed upset and not wanting to go back to school because of what he looked like. Bulling is something that hurts everyone.