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war of 1812
Updated: 12/10/2018
war of 1812
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  • Yay I won! I hope we don't go into war!
  • During this time, the Non-Intercourse acts where in the making, but the plan failed. Then, Macon's Bill #2 was in the works.
  • The War Hawks
  • James Madison and Charles Pickeny ran for office in 1808. Madison won the election during the time when tensions between the Americans and Britain where high. It was his choice if they went to war again for the first time after the American Revolution.
  • Napoleon later announced that France would no longer restrict American  trade, but they would still have the option to seize American ships. The British refused, so the US passed non-importation trade act against Britain in early 1812. The act started to hurt Britain's economy so they ended all restrictions on US trade, it was too late because the US had declared war.
  • In early June 1984, president Madison asked congress to declare war. This came to be known as The Invasion of Canada!
  • Because of Britain's actions, it hurt the Eastern merchants. Members of congress voted for war. There where two reasons for their choice, the first one was because the British trade restrictions hurt southern planters and Western farmers. The second reason was because Americans thought that the British set Native Americans up to attack them from Canada.
  • Three Strikes Against Canada
  • On November 1811, William Henry Harrison wanted to end all plans the Native Americans had so, he gathered a force and marched to Prophetstown. Tenskwatawa struck first and sent troops to Tippecanoe River. The Native Americans lost and even Tecumseh fled to Canada.
  • The Republican-led Congress wanted war, but the rest of the nation wasn't ready to fight. The army only had 7,000 troops and the navy only had 16 ships. Paying for the war was an even bigger problem because the year before, they had shut down the Bank of the United States. Most private bakers where located northeast so this was a problem. They didn't like the idea of war, so they didn't loan money. President Madison ordered the military to invade Canada
  • American military leaders decided to attack Canada from 3 different directions, Detroit, Niagara Falls, and the Hudson River Valley, but the plan had failed. Then, the Bristish sent troops to Niagara Falls after defeating Detroit. Many New Yorkers refused to fight, they lost again. The third attack at the Hudson River Valley was called off after the militia accompanying the troops didn't want to cross the border.
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