Story of Siddhartha
Updated: 12/20/2019
Story of Siddhartha
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  • story Of Siddartha
  • Siddartha lived in a place his father did not want him to ever leave so that he could keep the family in royalty.His tutor had a son that he studied with.They grew up together as friend.One day siddartha suggested the he would stay and so would his family to live at the castel.ALthough it was a good offer he said no because he had a family to take care,chores,and wanted to have his own family.SIddartha then said "well the can I go with you to the village to see what it is like.
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  • When Siddartha and his friend left the place walls he saw a sick man.He asked"will that happen to me" she said "yes" hos friend said they keep walking and siddartha saw the outcast taking a body out of a home he saked what was going on and his friend said he has passed away.Siddartha then asked "will that happne to me" his friend shook his head.Then he saw an old man and siddartha asked :what happend to him".His friend just said he is old and his time will come to an end soon and if you are lucky you will become old too.
  • Years passed and Siddartha had a family and was married but when never understood the meaning of life and did not relized that he was not happy.So one night he left the castle and ran off without telling anybody.
  • Siddartha travled and ended up in this cave where he then became a munk he ate very little rice and drank very little water.He medditated and tried to free his mind so that he could finally understand the meaning of life, and so that she could go back to being happy.
  • .One day this girl cam up to his cave to gave him a bowl of rice he thanked her and when he was eating the rice he had a relization .That the rice was so good and that he should have not been doing that to himself.So he decided to not be a munk all his mink friends thought that he was crazy and that he would not be able to comeback.But siddartha left anyway.
  • Siddarhta waked for miles and he stoped to rest under a tree when he sat down his mind was free and he understood what the meaning of life was and right there he became the buddah. Even though siddartha could teach he did not want to.BUt Brahmen convinced siddartha to teach Darma.Siddartha then stared teaching and with that the religon continued around the world.
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