The Odyssey Book 17 - 24
Updated: 1/19/2020
The Odyssey Book 17 - 24
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  • Book XVII
  • Ha! An old beggar has come here for help. Begone, swine! I am to marry Penelope soon.
  • Stop that at once! I am still loyal to Odysseus only.
  • Book XIX
  • I am not Odysseus, but your lord is alive and well.
  • It is Odysseus! I recognize your scar from when you were a child.
  • Book XXI
  • I am Odysseus.
  • Only Odysseus could have done such an impossible feat!
  • Athena disguises Odysseus as an old beggar to observe the incredibly rude suitors and to test Penelope's fidelity to him. Odysseus is insulted many times, but has learned to hold his tongue.
  • Book XXII
  • Eurykleima, Odysseus's childhood nurse, recognizes him through an old scar, but Odysseus convinces her it's not him. Odysseus assures Penelope that Odysseus is still alive.
  • Book XXIII
  • Penelope tests the suitors by having them string Odysseus's arrow and shoot it through the eyelets of twelve axes. They all fail to even string it, but Odysseus, still disguised, is able to string it and shoot it, revealing himself in the process.
  • Book XXIV
  • Odysseus and Telemachus kill all the suitors with the help of Athena disguised as mentor.
  • Penelope doesn't believe that it is Odysseus at first and he gets mad. She tricks him into saying the secret of their bed and she believes him.
  • Yes, this is the bed that I built from a tree!
  • Are you really Odysseus?
  • Odysseus goes to see his father, Laertes, and reveals himself. The suitors' fathers come to take revenge on Odysseus for their sons, but Laertes stops them with the help Athena.
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