The Odyssey Book 8 - 13
Updated: 1/20/2020
The Odyssey Book 8 - 13
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  • Book VIII
  • The Achaeans poured out of the ambuscade and conquered the town of Troy.
  • Book IX
  • You will pay for this, Nobody!
  • It's Odysseus.
  • Book X
  • You must go to the Underworld and hear a prophecy from Tiresias if you want to go home.
  • The Phaeacian Council agrees to give Odysseus a ship, and celebrations and games commence. Demodocus, a blind minstrel, sings of Odysseus' encounter with Achilles and of the battle of Troy, which saddens Odysseus.
  • Book XI
  • Odysseus, you alone will make it to Ithaca. You will kill all the suitors in your house. Afterwards, you must make a sacrifice to Poseidon and all the gods.
  • Odysseus begins to tell King Alcinous of his encounters with a Cyclops. He tricks the Cyclops by getting him drunk, and then calls himself "Nobody." As the remaining crew leaves, Odysseus calls out his true name.
  • Book XII
  • Odysseus and his crew arrive at the witch Circe's island. After a majority of the crew is turned into pigs, they decide to remain in her lavish house for a year. When they decide to leave, Circe gives them specific instructions to get home.
  • Book XVI
  • Are you a God? Please have mercy on us.
  • Odysseus ventures into the Underworld and follows Circe's' directions. He talks to Tiresias of Thebes who tells him a prophecy.
  • Odysseus and his men face trials such as the Sirens, Scylla, and Charybdis but are defeated by their own temptations when they eat Helios's cattle. They all die except Odysseus.
  • Odysseus reveals himself to Telemachus. At first Telemachus doesn't believe him and thinks he is a God. They plan to get rid of the suitors. It requires complete secrecy
  • No, I am you father, Odysseus! You must help with my plan to get rid of the suitors.
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