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comic for breadwinner
Updated: 2/26/2020
comic for breadwinner
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oof um idk

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  • It was a hot sunny day in Kabul, it was almost like any other day.
  • All the sudden, Kaseem's best friend Shafiq comes running to her with excitement.
  • Shafiq found a new way to make much more money, there was a downside to it though..
  • I don't like the idea either, but we have to dig up bones..
  • It was a pretty lonely place for Kaseem. (Parvana) No one to look at, noone to speak to.
  • They walked to the grave yard together, Kaseem felt something queasy in her stomach just thinking about it.
  • I don't like this..AT ALL!
  • Kaseem is very confused, "what is there to be excited for?"
  • They finally arrived at the graveyard, while Kaseem being unsure.
  • I don't wanna be here..
  • Digging up bones?! No way was Kaseem going to do THAT! Kaseem has to take a risk for her family, it was either one way or another.
  • Kaseem still felt that queasy feeling bottling up inside of her.
  • I wanna go home mommy.. ;((
  • It was a long walk, but Kaseem was used to walking at this point.
  • They'd grab a shovel and start digging the first grave that they see.
  • "This will be great profit." Shafiq told Kaseem. Kaseem knew that for sure. But was it worth digging up bones? Could there be another way..?
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