Marbury vs. Madison
Updated: 2/9/2021
Marbury vs. Madison

Storyboard Text

  • Now I just need to deliver these appointment papers to Marbury
  • At the very end of his presidency, Adams tries to appoint James Marbury as Justice of Peace.
  • Then he can be Justice of Peace!
  • Jefferson becomes president before the papers can be delivered and stops them.
  • Not so fast Adams, it's MY presidency now, and I say Marbury can't be Justice of Peace
  • After some time, the Supreme Court decides that the Judiciary Act is unconstitutional.
  • Madison, burn Marbury's appointment papers
  • Right away, sir!
  • Marbury waits for the papers, unaware that they won't arrive.
  • I wonder when my appointment papers will get here!
  • When he finds out what happened, Marbury takes the issue to the Supreme Court, who, due to the Judiciary Act of 1789, passed by congress, have the power to enforce appointments made by presidents.
  • We'll think about it.
  • Can I please have my job?
  • This is the first example of Judicial Review, which allows the Supreme Court to review decisions made by the other branches and decide if they are constitutional or not.
  • The Court decided that, though Marbury should have the job, they couldn't enforce it. So, since the current president didn't want Marbury to be Justice of Peace, the Supreme Court couldn't do anything to help.
  • We decided that, technically, you should get the job, butttt.... you won't.
  • You guys are so mean...