the cycle of rocks
Updated: 12/5/2018
the cycle of rocks
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  • hello and welcome to my show you are here to see what happens to a rock and the changes that happen to us 
  • This is Shelly, she is a sedimentary rock she was formed by glaciers and water she just chills on the beach enjoying life
  • lalalalalalaalllaaaaaaaaa 
  • this is shady, shady is an igneous rock and he was formed by magma of coourse he has left his friends 
  • I'm here with my good old pal, how fell out of a tree and the heat and pressure turned him into a metamorphic rock as he had to much pressure and heated that now he is the hospital
  • shhhhhhhhhhh
  • thank you , and that was the rock cycle and who we ended up like this!!!!!
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