Updated: 9/27/2020

Storyboard Text

  • It was a dark and rainy night. Lou was still walking on her way to her home. She was exhausted working 10 hours a day. There were no vehicles to be found. She had no umbrella to protect herself from the pouring rain. She had no choice but to walk by her feet. She was soaking wet, but she did not mind since she had no choice.
  • On her way, a kind looking woman offered her to stay for the night since the rain will not stop until tomorrow. The woman offered her a nice cup of tea, and dried Lou for she is soaking wet. The ambiance was nice in the house, you can feel that the owners of the house is generous and kind to people.
  • Lou introduced herself to the woman, but she is weirded out because the woman did not even introduced herself to her. She just offered help, and trusted Lou easily. But she no longer think of it and enjoyed herself to the cozy mansion.
  • The woman offered to play the piano to Lou. Lou agreed and went after the woman. The only the thing that you can see in the room was the piano. The woman glides over the key of the piano and smoothly played the piece. Lou was amazed by the skills that the woman has. She seems like a child prodigy in playing the piano. But it was strange to her that her body is changing directions when playing. She looked like she was posessed by a demon.
  • Lou started screaming like a lunatic. The woman changed it's form into a demonic structure. Lou can not move. The monster started to move at her direction. The creature started to devour her flesh, it started with Lou's head so she cannot scream. 
  • Lou were screaming and shouting maniacally. She stand up and ran to her mirror and there was her head, still attached in her neck. It was all a dream.