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Unknown Story
Updated: 4/4/2019
Unknown Story
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  • ?
  • OH, im a rich person but i lost all my money!?!?!?!?!
  • NO.
  • no i just dont trust you cause you are black.
  • hi, may I sit here?
  • oh is the seat taken?
  • 1929!the stock market crashed. When the stock market crashed it caused buisinesses to close. Then people lost their jobs.
  • 25% of men were unemployed. the people with no jobs had no money to pay for things like food etcetera. Even BILLIONARES went bankrupt and when the banks closed, people lost all of their savings and stuff.
  • white people were discriminating people of color during the great depression. One reason mey be because people of color had jobs and alot of white people didnt and they were very upset so they blamed them.
  • during the war, women were able to take jobs that were predominantly for men. But when the women had jobs, Alot of men were mad at the women because they thought it was more important for themselves to have jobs. After that people asked women to step down from their jobs.
  • THE DUST BOWL. so many people either died or fled from the dust bowl. It covered crops and buried cars. People inhaled it and got dust pneumonia.
  • people were homeless and alot of them had children. there was places you could get food but the lines were so long it would take forever. most of the people there had fled their homes.
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