Sargon the great
Updated: 12/7/2020
Sargon the great

Storyboard Text

  • One day in a Summerian city Sargon emerged and got the name Sargon the great and was the King of Acadia
  • A fierce battle but we won.
  • After Sargon took over the city of Kish he went against the Summerian king and attacked the city of Iruk in a battle which he conquered
  • After capturing the king and having an overall victory Sargon decided to conquer more Summerian cities and other places as well creating the first empire. Overtime the empire evolve claiming more places.
  • We will attack the other cities and conquer them for ourselves
  • Sargon's reign kept spreading and he was lugal for 56 years but he eventually died around 2215 B.C due too natural causes
  • There was a lot of other people who took throne after Sargon's death. His sons who tried too take over though couldn't manage the throne.
  • After two centuries the first empire collapsed and it ended. Sargon was a legendary ruler and inspired kings of the future to be like him
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