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English 12 Homework part 2
Updated: 9/24/2019
English 12 Homework part 2
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  • We even went to the same school, but oddly enough we never had class together.
  • You coming over today ?
  • Yea for sure.
  • Then during middle school i had moved to a different neighborhood and because i had moved we didn't talk as much but i still though we were cool like brothers until....
  • But i though we were...
  • Never mind.
  • 8 years later in middle school.Year: 2016
  • How come you didn't invite me to your birthday party?
  • Though we were what?
  • We don't talk anymore.
  • i went home upset that day because i had lost a friendship that i though wouldn't end like this, but i was naive.
  • This expression is a bit exaggerated but u get the idea.
  • But this experience opened my eyes to the idea that anybody can walk out of your life no matter how close they are.
  • I tried to run from the pain but ended up hurting myself. This experience has taught me that life has its seasons and each season is meant to get you ready for the next season. So at this point in my life i am trying to embrace what i was desperately ran away from. Relationships.
  • So for many years afterward i chose to isolate myself from being connected with people because i knew eventually at some point its going to come to an end and it was going to hurt on an emotional/psychological level, but this was no way to live. It only made life more challenging for myself.
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