maple knoll

Updated: 3/18/2021
maple knoll

Storyboard Text

  • Coming into my first day at Maple Knoll, it's safe to say I was extremely nervous. Once I met my first fellow resident, I felt much more comfortable!
  • Hi there name is Barbara and I hear you're fresh meat around here. Let's go do something fun to get you established.
  • Barbara gave me a great tour and introduced me to some of her friends and some people that I needed to know. Then, she decided that the tour was getting too boring and that I needed to have some fun.
  • These are the steps to more individual bedrooms here at Maple Knoll.
  • She took me to the bowling alley inside Maple Knoll Village and I couldn't believe what I saw! That isn't supposed to be inside of a retirement home.
  • Then, Barbara decided that we needed to exercise our legs so she took me to the trampoline park....once again inside Maple Knoll Village.
  • This is the most fun I've had in years!!!!!
  • After we were worn out, I headed to my room for the first night of sleep and was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable and plush the living was.
  • Before I called it a night, I picked up the phone and called my children. I told them their mom would be just fine here at Maple Knoll Village!
  • Can life get any better? I mean seriously?!
  • I'm telling you, you will not find living arrangements like these anywhere else!