Unit 6 Project
Updated: 12/24/2020
Unit 6 Project

Storyboard Text

  • Molecular Clouds
  • There are layers, core, convection, photosphere and Corona
  • Luminosity
  • Star birth is hidden behind dense clouds of dust and gas.
  • Main Sequence
  • As the star forms, it begins fusion where it turns hydrogen into helium and the missing energy creates hydrogen fusion which fuels the star to come to life.
  • solar flares
  • Sunspots
  • Once the star is formed the fusion continues and there is a constant battle between two competing forces, gravity and the pressure caused by nuclear reactions in the core.
  • The explosion
  • As the star begins to run out of fuel it can become a red giant. Expanding and cooling before it dies.
  • Once a star is born, an H-R Diagram is used to graph the temperature and brightness of a star cluster. The movement across the diagonal main sequence can tell us about the past and future of any star.
  • Temperature
  • The plasma within the star reaches the surface and then sinks back down. There is magnetic energy and loops go all around the star.
  • The death is a catastrophic event, it explodes outer layers fly off into space and the inner core collapses down and create a beautiful cloudy wispy thin Planetary Nebula.
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