Updated: 5/27/2021

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  • Yes Alice. I was feeling dizzy Could you please tell me what you learnt today?
  • Yes. We only did a role-play on the Indus Valley Civilization. I'll show you
  • Hi Bella. I heard you were not there in class today.
  • Hello You seem new here.This is the Indus Valley civilisation.This civilization has been divided between citadel and Lower town
  • Yes Sure. This is the lower town, where we live. The Citadel is for rulers and rich people .It is kept on an elevating position
  • Hmm I have been travelling for so many days now I finally found shelter. But what is this place?
  • But why is it on an elevating position?
  • Nice, Could you please tell me more about this Civilization?
  • This is the Great bath. All the big rituals are held here.
  • Wow What else is there in the civilisation?
  • This is the granary. All the excess seeds are stored here in the Citadel
  • As I said before, The citadel is on higher ground so if the lower town has floods the seeds will be safe in citadel
  • Why is it in the CITADEL?
  • I'll tell you Come with me
  • We learnt about many new things .
  • .......And that is what we learnt today.
  • Thank you for explaining the topic to me well. I think I should go now.