Autobiographical Narrative Storyboard- Quintero
Updated: 1/14/2021
Autobiographical Narrative Storyboard- Quintero

Storyboard Text

  • Finding out I got a quad.
  • Woah! Thats sick can I ride it sometime!
  • Of course thats what its for! We will take it out for a spin tomorrow.
  • Riding it for the first time.
  • This is so cool I'm honestly getting the hang of it.
  • Seeing the marvalous hills.
  • I want to go up in the hills so bad! I know for a fact I'm ready!
  • Hey!! Bring ot in we're leaving now!
  • One day I came outside and saw that my dad had bought some quads and he said one of them was mine.. At first, I did not think much of it but later became very excited to try it out. Little did I know this would bring an unforgettable experience into my life which would change me for the better.
  • Asking if I could ride the hills.
  • Come on dad I'm ready for the hills, I've been practicing and I know I can do it. So can I go up them? Please?
  • My experience began when I first started riding quads at Carnegie. I practiced a lot and after some time, I considered myself a to be alright for my age. It was also very fun.
  • Finally going up in the hills.
  • Wow that could have ended way worse good thing you helped me!
  • After riding a couple of times I felt confident and wanted to go up the hills really bad. It is a little dangerous and especially since it was my first time. But I incisted and knew I could do it.
  • Heading home.
  • You have to stop joking around and take this seriously, you could have gotten hurt.Be more aware next time okay.
  • One day, when we were coming back from Carnegie, I asked my dad confidently if he would let me ride the hills and with help of my brother, he said yes! I was so exited but also nervous and stayed nervous the whole week until the day came.
  • Fine I'll let you go up.
  • When the day came I felt scared but I could not chickan out. As I started to go up the first hill, I felt alive! I could smell the fresh air mixed in with exhaust fumes and feel the dirt kicking up behind me, all was well until an unexpected rock threw me off causing me to lose balance and almost stall. I was very scared I had no idea what to do. Luckily, my dad was right behind me to help.
  • You have to be a lot more carefull.
  • After I got down, I started to think about what happened. I noticed that I did not take it very serious and because of that I could have gotten hurt. This incident taught me that I need to mature and act more serious, it also made me become more aware about my surroundings.
  • Okay :(