Updated: 5/19/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Father Heaven says "I don't like the looks of those children, I'm going to send them to Tartarus". Mother Earth says, "No you can't do that, you wicked man!"
  • Mother Earth - I am going to give you a sickle so you can wound Uranus and take over as ruler of all
  • Rhea - stop you heatless, selfish man. That's evil.
  • Kronos - Your children are going to take power from me, so the only way to stop them, is to eat them.
  • Rhea - Are you ready to battle your father?Zeus - I was born rady
  • Kronos - Haha, I've eaten all of your childrenRhea - You've not eaten all of them just yet.
  • Kronos - Ha! do you really think you can defeat me Zeus?Zeus - you mess with the Zeus you get thunderPoseidon - did you really think zeus was dumb enough toZeus - Now who's the Leader....