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Updated: 3/10/2020
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  • All begins by issy posting a picture of himself when he was a kid
  • oh no i shouldn't have posted a picture of me when i was a kid i was fat my goodness !
  • Ben Kilduff starting to bully issy
  • ahahaha did u see the picture issy posted of him he was fat cow I posted it everywhere loool
  • Ben shows the whole class and they make fun of him.
  • hahaha everyone look at the picture of issy he look uglyyy
  • omg lol he is fat and ugly
  • Issy posts a picture of himself when he was a kid and then relises that he shouldnt have becuase a bully in school screenshoted it
  • Ben kilduff decides to beat up Issy
  • what u going to do now no where to run now little boy ahahaha
  • After coming to school issy starts to get bullied by a tall massive person called Ben Kilduff .This makes himinstantly regret posting that pic of him when he was a child.
  • A person see Issy upset and tells him what he can do
  • If you Bully anyone again Ben we will have to press charges you understand
  • In class the bully starts to showing his post to everyone his picture and then all the students were bullying and insulting him.
  • Issy tells the headteacher and then Ben Kilduff get excluded
  • Issy decides to storm out the class because he was upset . Ben walked out and followed and decides toassault him for no reason .
  • Issy goes to sit by himself and a boy called Harry approaches him and gives him good advice on how he could make the situation better .
  • You need to tell someone or else the matter is going to get worse
  • Issy then tells the headteacher in school about Ben bullying him then the headteacher excluded him and warned him and if he did again he would have been excluded and a bad report .
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