Issy Island
Updated: 1/18/2021
Issy Island

Storyboard Description

Made for scientists staying for 3 years.

Storyboard Text

  • The scientists can use solar thermal energy to make energy for heating their huts, getting hot water and also they can use it for air conditioning.
  • The scientists can use geothermal energy to heat their huts and cool their medicine fridge.
  • The scientists can build their huts here and they can put solar panels on their roofs.
  • They can also put their geothermal energy plant here so it is still close to the huts so it will be easier to transfer it to them through telegraph poles.
  • There are the solar panels for heating and hot water.
  • This is where the geothermal energy plant is going to be. There are lots of holes in the ground for the scientists to set up the energy plant.