story thang

Updated: 5/19/2020
story thang

Storyboard Text

  • Hello, Tirin! I have heard lots about you and that you are a writer much like myself. What have you been exiled for, if I may ask?
  • Helmholtz (left) and Tirin (right) meet in their exile...
  • I simply expressed my artistic vision through that play I wrote. Little did I know my so-called 'anarchist' brothers and sisters would want me out because of it...
  • My friend, don't be sso down about being kicked out! In my particular case, I was given a choice: continue writing, but being exiled, or staying and abiding by the strict rules of my society. I cose to leave, for art is me and I am art. Without it living is pointless.. besides exile is not as bad as they make it seem, for you are free!
  • *after a pause* So would you maybe want to write a play together? I was thinking something classic, maybe like Othello; a beautiful tragedy...Have you heard of Shakespeare my brother?
  • *chuckles*Sure, why not?I have indeed have had an acquainatnce with his works...
  • Huh, well thank you for your kind words, brother! Indeed I think you're right, maybe the ones I once thought to be my brothers and sisters just sisn't understand me. In fact I think you and I aren't so different after all!