Updated: 3/19/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Hello, I am a square. Who are you? Welcome to my room in the prisom!
  • Hello! I am a rhombus, but I am trying to change myself into a kite.
  • Oh really?! Why are you doing it?
  • I am doing this so i can escape this place! Firstly, I have to make my two adjacent side on my left long.
  • Wait.. That is actually a smart idea!
  • Yes in fact, and I am still able to keep my perpendicular diagonals.
  • So what is your next step?
  • If I extended eded my left sides, I will have two pairs of congruent sides.
  • Don't you already have two pairs of congruent sides?
  • Yes, but the opposite sides cannot be congruent.
  • WOW! Now you are a kite!!
  • Yay, now I can finally escape this place, see you soon buddy!