Updated: 9/26/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Hi there I'm not a bad person I'm just waiting for a friend, twenty years ago we agreed to meet here.
  • I have this friend Jimmy Wells he's like a brother to me, Twenty years ago we agreed to meet here
  • It was nearly ten o'clock when a mysterious man suddenly appeared and approached the policemen while his closing some gates and checking locks
  • BOB!
  • Your Arrested!
  • The police ask the men if he will still wait when it's nearly ten o'clock and the man responds that he will give his friend another thirty minutes, after twenty minutes a mysterious man call the waiting friend by his name
  • As they walk Bob recognizes some similarity in his friend to the man but Bob thinks it's Jimmy and thinks Jimmy grown into a fine man, Then the man says" Your arrested!"
  • Little did he know Jimmy turned him in to the police after seeing Bob's face in the bulletin board of the police.