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The Rock Cycle
Updated: 9/18/2018
The Rock Cycle
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  • ~ The Rock Cycle ~ By: S.R.
  • Hi! I'm Metamorphic Rock! I'm going to be leading your tour today... of the Rock Cycle!
  • Before I can tell you how I was formed, I'm going to have to introduce you to some other rocks
  • These are some Igneous Rocks. They are some of the most common rocks on Earth.
  • Hi! I'm an Extrusive Igneous Rock. I was formed when magma from this volcano cooled so quickly that I was left with a smooth texture!
  • Hi! I'm an Intrusive Igneous Rock. I formed when magma from this volcano cooled really slowly so I have a rough texture.
  • This is Sedimentary Rock. Let's listen to how he was formed.
  • I was formed when rocks like Metamorphic Rock here and the Extrusive/Intrusive Igneous Rocks were put under intense pressure and heat. That's why I have this bumpy, pebble-like texture. Here's the funny thing! With a bit of heat and pressure, I can become metamorphic!
  • This last place is the last stop of the tour. This is probably a rock's worst nightmare...
  • Fun Fact: All three of us main types of rocks can slowly become each other. For example, if I melt into lava and then I cool, I can become an igneous rock. If I'm crushed or if I weather away, I can become sedimentary if I am cemented together with different stones! In fact, with just a little bit of heat and pressure, igneous rock can turn into one of us metamorphic rocks!
  • The Inside of a VOLCANO. This is where we were melted and where some of us came into existence.
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