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the "states" of friendship
Updated: 10/22/2020
the "states" of friendship
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  • There were 3 neighbors named Solid, Liquid, and Gas. One day, they all wanted to go out to eat.
  • Am I late yet?
  • HAHAHAHA come on Solid. We're hungry we still have to look for a place to eat.
  • Oh, just take your time. It's not like we're freezing here or anything.
  • After 20 minutes of walking around town, they found a diner that wasn't filled with many people.
  • This one looks decent and look, there aren't much people inside.
  • Yeah, I can't wait to order something hot. I'm freezing!
  • Come on, let's go inside before all the seats are taken.
  • Once they have settled down, they started talking about almost everything until they started talking about matter.
  • Liquids are similar to gases because their molecules are also moving. But its molecules are loosely packed. That's why you can still see them.
  • Did you guys know that solids' molecules are tightly packed and cannot move?
  • Yeah, then gases' molecules are very loose and are freely moving.
  • I can say the same for liquids. They only take up the space of its container.
  • Solids have their own shape right?
  • Yes, while gases don't. They expand to take up the shape of its container.
  • I'm more amazed with liquids though. Because it doesn't have its own shape but it has its own volume.
  • Honestly, it just amazes me how solids can be seen anywhere.
  • For me, gases are more interesting because due to their loose molecules, they are still found everywhere. They also don't have their own volume and shape.
  • When it was almost night time, they all decided to head home because it's colder at night.
  • Let's go before it snows harder.
  • I know right. I'm glad we all went out together.
  • This was such a good day. Time flew so fast it's already almost 6pm.
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