A Distant Land: A Stranger Arrives
Updated: 6/20/2020
A Distant Land: A Stranger Arrives
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  • Emily is told that there is a new visitor in town. Emily's job is to welcome new people and help them get settled. She tells her co worker that she is going to talk to the visitor.
  • I told you, those people aren’t strangers, they’re visitors. I’ll go talk to the visitor, you stay here, okay?
  • Emily, where are you? Another stranger is waiting outside the gates.
  • After Emily unlocked the gate to the kingdom, she saw a girl standing in front of it. She introduced herself and told the girl that she would show her around.
  • You must be the visitor they were talking about. I'm Emily, your tour guide.
  • While Emily was talking, she noticed the girl was distracted by the stars. She told the girl that the stars were special.
  • The stars are pretty, aren't they? They provide magic healing abilities.
  • The stars are beautiful.
  • After talking about the stars, the tour began. First, Emily showed the girl what a typical school looked like. She explained how the education system works.
  • Wow! That's really cool.
  • This is one of our schools.A lot of people who visit our kingdom finish their education here.
  • Emily even showed the girl a popular fast food place in their town. The tour was almost over.
  • This is a popular food place. People usually each lunch here.
  • They have some nice food options.
  • When the tour is over, Emily takes the girl to the local hotel. She gives her some money and then goes to help the next visitor.
  • Here is the hotel you will be staying in. I hope you have a good time in our kingdom.
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