Updated: 2/10/2020
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  • Grey vs Brown Bellied Rabbits
  • What are you!?
  • Geographical Speciation of Rabbits- Itzel Bermudez Toralesperiod 2
  • The original species of rabbits that existed were the grey-belly rabbits.The rabbits found theirmates by the color of their bellies.
  • Unfortunately their environment that was at lower elevation began to melt due to global warming.Some of the rabbits which lived at lower elevation couldn't survive while some eventually began to adapt and had their bellies turn to a light brown which were unrecognizable to the other rabbits.
  • The rabbits with brown bellies began to turn fully brown.Because the climate at the lower elevation was hotter they became darker because the darker colors protect them from overheating but the grey-bellied rabbits could not survive and eventually died out .
  • The environment of the bunnies which lived in the lower elevation evolved and the climate became hotter than the climate of the environment of the rabbits that live in the higher elevation.
  • These are the brow-bellied rabbits.Their brown fur protects them from over-heating.They choose their mate and can identify each other by the color of their bellies.
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