Updated: 2/8/2021

Storyboard Text

  • This following year there's this one girl that plays soccer. She is really good like advanced soccer. Everyday she's on the soccer field when she can. Her friend always visits her before her soccer game.
  • During every soccer game they play the tennis team also plays during the different sport. Her friend plays on the tennis team she does not support it because they always got hard competition towards the soccer team.
  • In the middle of the two games going on at the same time the tennis team hit the ball too hard that. It stopped the soccer game because one of the players got hit till they knocked out. The two friends went up to each other and started fighting and yelling at each other.
  • She disagreed that her friend shouldn't play tennis anymore. She said "Stop playing that ditzy game which means that it is dumb okay?".
  • Her friend agreed to stop playing tennis because it didn't fit her the best. Plus the team was too competitive against soccer.
  • The two friends which their names were Jaxton and Rue they decided not to argue and fight anymore. They hug each other and apologize. Jaxton said she wasn't going to do tennis. Instead she was going to join the soccer team for an extra player and support.